Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Twerking has gone too far.

Its sure to be a halo of a night.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Knightly News/ We Will Cut It

Print production is important because it is where all the MAGIC happens!

or at least this is what I have been led to believe. With this notion I decided that instead of venturing off into a high powered design/marketing studio/firm. I have settled into a very small printing printing company as the pre-press assistant and the in-house graphic designer. However, as expected of a small company many of my jobs require little to no creativity. Just placement and choosing of fonts. So to keep my sanity I have taken on a couple of fun jobs that prevented me from having creative build-up.

which for those of you who don't know if a disorder that when a creative person is not allowed to be creative. The creativity begins to build up in the mind and will ultimately cause said person to explode...very similarly to fairy magic build up. see fairy odd parents

So here are some recent jobs I have had some fun with.

The first one are some newsletters for a blog called The Knightly News. Topics in this blog can range from sports to politics and occasionally art. The writer is fairly witty so it can be a very enjoyable read.
There is more work to come on this particular blog, but in the meanwhile I urge readers to take a gander, the post on beer with Barack is particularly funny.

The next was a simple business card design for a lawn care company, called "We Will Cut It" Not much to say here just lawn care.

So there you have it. Hopefully there will be more updates on more interesting projects in the future.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Graphically Speaking: A Visual Lexicon for Achieving Better Designer

This book was one of the text books I was supposed to have purchased as a student at the Art Institute of Atlanta. However, knowing the track record of most classes (mostly the book was never ever cracked opened) I declined purchasing the text. However, later on in my college journey I was in class creating my senior project and attempting to decide upon a style. It was then that my teacher told me that I should use this book.

This book has become one of my many design bibles. If I cannot figure out what kind of design style I want to use in a current project, I can just crack this baby open and choose one. Each style is seperated by type, and provides colors, and fonts that are often used in this style. I have to admit is beats searching all over the web for example of the style I want to use. However, my particular copy is in a box in my storage container...lot of good it is doing me there